Vitalis Coral Food – SPS 40 gr


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Content: 40 grams (€ 249.75 * / 1 kilogram)

Product information „Vitalis Coral Food – SPS micro flakes“
These micronized flakes, which are specially tailored to small-polyp corals, imitate suspended solids that PLC corals capture with their polyps.
Research evidence suggests that feeding increases the number of zooxanthellae in the coral and may improve photosynthesis.
The zooxanthellae convert sunlight into chemical energy, which is required for growth. Complete animal feed for all small polyp stone corals
gently dried in the low-temperature process / cold extruder process to preserve vitamins and minerals. Special amino acids trigger the feed intake reflex of the polyps. measuring spoons
with a particle size between 100 and 400 micrometers
promotes the growth and the color splendor


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