Vitalis – Anemone Pellets 4mm 50 gr


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Product information „Vitalis Coral Food – Anemone Pellets 4mm“
Developed for the passive feed intake mechanisms of carnivorous animals, including Heteracts sp., Entacmaea sp., Condylactis sp. and Stichodactyla sp.
These soft pellets imitate larger food particles that are captured by the tentacles with nettle cells in the coral reef.
The pellets can anemones larger whole and smaller anemones cut into small pieces offered.Alleinfuttermittel for all anemones and large LPS corals
Gentle in low temperature process / cold extrusion process, dried soft pellets to obtain vitamins and minerals
Promotes the growth and the colors
Specific amino acids dissolve the feed intake reflex of polyps out
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