PolypLap Reef Roids 30 gr


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Product information „PolypLap Reef Roids“
This product is an excellent source of all corals that are
nourished by a filtered food intake.
The particle size is around 150-200 microns. This is
an ideal size for Goniopora and other corals (filtered food intake).
When using Reefroid you will notice excellent polyp stretches
on all corals (filtered out food intake). Zoanthids,
sponges and Ricordea will show a clear feed response. With
continued use, your coral will grow faster and will
develop better colors . Reef-roids mixes exceptionally well with the water and
does not float on the surface like most dry coral food,
This ensures a long duration in your water column
to minimize food waste. Unlike other “coral food” on the market, Reef-Roids is
NOT made from processed fish food or other ingredients that
can rapidly deteriorate water quality. Reef-Roids is
a mixture of naturally occurring marine plankton, including a
special type of zooplankton, which are used for the Polyplab product
. With continuous use, your corals will experience faster growth and more intense colors! INGREDIENTS: NAVY PLANKTONGuaranteed analysis
crude protein 60%
crude fat 20%
crude fiber 8%
moisture 6%
ash 6%

Use 1 teaspoon per 400l volume of water.
Mix it with a little aquarium water and pour it into the current.


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